Our Clients

We believe that getting to know the client better, is key to ensuring an event meets the client’s goals and requirements. Hence, we focus on building relationships with our clients rather than just ‘managing an event’. This is reflected by the fact that at Events Extraordinaire, every client works with a dedicated Management Consultant.

The Management Consultant will be responsible for the event from start to finish, including the initial brief, event creation, event planning, event execution and the post-event debrief. We maintain our relationships with our clients after the event is over.

This helps us understand their on-going event requirements. This single-minded focus on building relationships is what sets us apart from other companies providing event management services.

Proven Track Record

Event management companies can often have a very narrow focus and a variable track record. Our niche lies in our unique creativity rather than any industry or event type. We have successfully managed a wide variety of events from award ceremonies to product launches and other corporate events. The ANC Fundraising Gala Dinner and Premier’s Service Excellence Awards and Premier’s Green Gala Dinner are great examples of great events we have been organising, differentiating us from other event management companies.

Our product and location launch events have been described as spectacular, phenomenal and fantastic. Our clients have commended us on our attention to detail and finesse with which we create and manage events, The RAL Logo Launch demonstrated our qualities as a leading event management company.

We also have a wealth of experience in creating and managing diverse events like the Mapungubwe Arts Festival and the De Beers Venetia Mine Christmas Party and the Launch of the De Beers VUP Project in October 2013.